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I dreamed up Thor years ago because I wanted to create the biggest, most powerful superhero of all and I figured who can be bigger than a god?” Lee says of his idea for his God of Thunder, which was first scripted by Stan’s younger brother, Larry Lieber. “I chose the Norse gods,” Lee adds, “because I felt people were less familiar with them than with the Greek and Roman gods.” He is far from being the most popular superhero, this title goes to characters as Spiderman, Batman, Superman with perhaps Wolverine and Deadpool directly after them. One of my favorites because of my intrest in history and myths not the least Asgardian mythology. Im a game master for a Metahuman world with Marvel universe as the base. There are also other elements included as a little bit Dc and other things to shape a bit darker and more balanced world. If there are more fans on this site playing or game mastering perhaps there is intrest having this as subject for discussion. Ofcourse i also see the movies in the gener and have read the comics since childhood. My Avatars so far Prince Namor, Wolverine, Shazam, Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, Silver Sable, Black Panther, Daredevil, She Hulk and Batman / Daredevil, Captain America

Favourite characters

Arishem the JudgeArishem-
BatmanBruce Wayne10
Black PantherT'Challa8
Captain AmericaSteve Rogers7
Captain MarvelBilly Batson16
DaredevilMatt Murdock7
Doctor DoomVictor von Doom18
Doctor StrangeStephen Strange21
HulkBruce Banner16
Iron FistDaniel Rand8
MagnetoErik Magnus Lensherr11
Moon KnightMarc Spector 4
NamorNamor McKenzie11
She-HulkJennifer Walters12
Silver SurferNorrin Radd36
SupermanClark Kent (Kal-El)23
ThorThor Odinson22
Wonder WomanDiana Prince17

Latest comments

Very good explanation of the characters and battle Remy.
As explained very few human born would be able to defeat Aquaman.
The Sorcerer Supreme is one of them because of vast knowledge about magic !
Roligt träffa på en landsman med bra inställning ☺
Keep it up 👍
When looking at the films and also the statistics they are quite evenly matched.
Abominations of the universe born killing machines. In the forest Predator is far superior maybe taking out four or five Aliens. In an open range its much closer and i think Predator will have a hard time against two Aliens and be defeated against three.
In the film it was close in a one on one battle.
mekkaxko you are from Sweden were do you live i live in Gothenburg ? :-)
I dont think the winner is obvious, the Sorcerer Supreme exploits a soft spot of Superman magic.
If the man of steel had resistance to magical attacks he would be the victorious because of beeing the more powerful.
octor Strange takes it about 7 times out of 10.
Im a great fan of the mythological aspects of the Metahuman worlds.
I have in the character section of Mighty Thor  written about the close conection between Gods and Demons.
Bouth Origins are incredibly powerful and far superior to the weak human species.
Mythical and magical in nature vastly powerful, beyond close to all other species in the Metahuman worlds.
In the water the two aquatic heroes is close to invincible. Even if Ghost Rider is not weaker in  the water he will not be more powerful.
Im no expert of Aquaman but
Prince Namor is very close to unbeatable in the water.
Only the most powerful there is may succed in defeating him in this element.
Aquaman may be Namors equal and if so Ghost Rider will be defeated for surtain in the water. Without a host the outcome may become diffrent specially if Zarathos is a more powerful type of Demon.
We may be of diffrent opinion in this particular battle but overall i think we are of very similar thoughts :-)

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