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CableNathan Summers21
Franklin RichardsFranklin Richards88
GodspeedAugust Hart-
IcemanBobby Drake10
Killer FrostCaitlin Snow8
Professor ZoomEobard Thawne10
QuakeDaisy Johnson-
Scarlet WitchWanda Maximoff15
Silver SurferNorrin Radd36
Speed DemonWally West-
TaskmasterTony Masters7
VenompoolWade Wilson20

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@wolfdragon123 wrong match up budddy , Barry Allen never had speed steal capabilities it was wally and jay people get confused by the mantle of flash....
And also I never said that supes isn't faster ww and I'm saying it he can definitely beat ww and can put up a good fight against Thor
Well I'm not here to argue with you, kindly I don't agree with you and for my satisfaction I proved my point
And if you want a list of fastest beings then here it is which I made by researching on every character , their top potential in their respective universe
1.silver surfer(norrin radd)
2.Black racer(Barry Allen)
3.the flash(Barry Allen), professor zoom(eobard thawne)
4.Sela Allen
5. The runner
6. Makkari
7.impulse (iris west e22)
8.flash (Bart Allen)
9. Flash(wally west)
10. Black flash
Well anyone can edit Wikipedia and besides I gave you scans of original comics what else do u want and if you read it carefully it shows that Superman can exceed speed of light but not by much and the multiple times of speed light applies on Superman prime one million and still that version is arguably a lot slower than flash, surfer,runner etc