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Superman said doomsday can be beat by brute force go to the super power wiki and look up adaptive resurrection what ever kill him he becomes more powerful from
Galactic has grim reapering power which is like death touch and portal creation so galactics and I'm been bring this up since Goku v superman brain vs muscle Goku is an idiot galatics is like spectec a god entry
The t1000 would become Jason Todd and use his body like in the movie and have him remember that Jason was his greatest failure and also the t1000 can even be any one else in the batfamily to kill Bateman so Batman won't know who's who in the fight
Silversisu i like both characters goku to me doesnt live up to my superhero standard superman does yes goku can get more powerful them but superman to me is a hero who is willing to decide if hes doing the right thing not buy power but by being a hero wants to live amoung men goku to doesnt have that buts that just my opinion on goku
Prove to me that he has limits
During the bus saga Goku ran out of ki energy so clearly he is not a god besides he need 7 pure sayin spirits to get it superman was already a god when he was created no to be related at all comic varent brought up a good point why is it everyone once to fight superman what makes these anime/manga characters want to fight superman Goku is not superman Goku has limits superman does think I'm wrong go to superman power and abilitys wiki it has all his powers and abilities

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