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Nightwing will always be the failurer in my eyes he'll never be what Jason Todd is and that he only return to batfamily when is ready to come dick just daddy perfect boy every one knows Jason's way is the best way
Dcfan123 Goku 27 days ago
If Goku gets an upgrade show should everyone else I mean D.C. Rebirth came out and the superman in D.C. Rebirth is precrysis superman and marvel has gotten new heros too so Goku gets an upgrade then so does every one else
There's a Goku vs specter fight going on and specter is loseing
Ok clearly the two people say that Goku would beat spectre is dbz than D.C. Because Goku is no Goku he has the god power ki but spectre is on a different level there is no way Goku can kill or even spectre he has the death touch and has more abiltys than Goku
If Goku was a true hero he would answer the impossible question that superman answered which is what happens when unstoppable force meets a immovable object
Superman said doomsday can be beat by brute force go to the super power wiki and look up adaptive resurrection what ever kill him he becomes more powerful from

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