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Logan (Hugh Jackman) 2000 to2017 we will miss you logan Wonder Woman ( gal gadot) 2017 -
Goku - who are you
Darkseid- I am darkseid fool
Goku- another god to defeat
Darkseid- from the fire depths of apocalypse
I use to be afirad. Afraid my power would make people fear me . Afraid who I'd hurt if I wasn't careful every second of every day. I spent my hole life holding back. My fear cost me Lois,That's why don't back anymore -Injustice 2 Superman
That superman ending injustice 2
if only goku could make the choices superman made then he be a hero. I only see superman as a fighter yes he can stronger and maybe even beat superman but it all depends on what superman your using i like superman better because he knows he has his weakness goku gives his enemy's a chance which to he loses points on. goku wants to fight i would see him fighting superman but to me even superman loses superman will always be the man of steel and the symbol of hope
Bourne would able to find out who nightwing is I mean he took on his own agents from blackbirer but if nightwing goes looking for him he would probably wouldn't find him

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