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In no way could Doomsday harm a full powered Juggernaut.. But he couldn't do much either to a self adapting opponent like DD.. I choose Jug because he's enhanced with mystical energies..
I'm choosing Superman only because he is truly powerful and can tap into the unimaginable.. but Doomsday did do the unimaginable, soo... Superman wins, right?? Ha aha
Y'all never give credit to Apocalypse.. He is definitely on Thanos level of firepower capability and defense in general.. I say that because of his armor.. It was basically a gift from the Celestials from their ship when he found it.. It imparts the wearer with great power augmenting their abilities to God level potential.. Now I still don't think he would win but only because of Nurs' need to regenerate from the breakdown of his body due to being SUPERPOWERED.. other than that it would be a draw in my opinion..
I'm not even a Batman fan boy.. but he's dealt with Hulk and Superman, he has Hellcat Armor, forged by Superman on the Sun, to fight beings like Darkseid.. You seriously think Wolverine has a chance?? He's always prepared
So after everything is officially collateral damage, it's who can kill the other first?? .. I got my money on Hulk, but just barely.. Eventually he will go world breaker hulk and then tear Doomsday apart, rip his head off, something.. definitely one of the more debatable fights
Honestly.. Thanos kills Superman, after breaking him down until he's demoralized.. He is way too powerful, he's basically stalemated with Odin before.. No chance here Supes

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