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If you know ANYTHING about Thanos you know very well who the ---- he is ha aha.. if it's Jean by herself vs Thanos, mad Titan kills her.. if the Phoenix Force again unleashes itself, Jean, hands down.. but if Thanos has his IG .. then, .. .. yes, we knooow
Jean kills anyone and everyone when Phoenix Force unleashes itself through her.. not fair..
This a tough one honestly.. nur is very well equipped to kick almost anyone's ass if he needed to go all out SUPERPOWERED.. if astral plane travel affects him, onslaught wins, if not, Nur stomps him on every plane of existence
Everybody knows hulk broke onslaughts armor and defeated him with the help of Jean to unlock his full strength instantaneously.. but in reality, onslaught is very powerful, and Hulk can only do so much against any being of high powers.. onslaught is the energy embodiment of professor x and Magneto's dark subconscious's protected by armor.. did you know onslaught physically restrained juggernaut and ripped the crimson power gem from his chest?? .. not to mention astral plane travel .. some things you can just punch I guess..
I'd have to take Hercules.. he's broke the silver surfers board before, and killed him with it.. hulk is definitely the strongest one there is but Hercules has done things of myth, and he's Zeus's son.. so in this heavyweight bout, son of Zeus..
Y'all always think Apocalypse is weak because most of storylines seem to be shiit and he's a human mutant.. read up on his armor bruh, he's celestial powered.. and just because Darkseid is a New God, it never stopped Batman from beating that ass .. in a full powered shootout, Nur, all day bro.. BTW, one of the X-Men he's been defeated by is powered by an ancient cosmic entity, the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey.. Darkseid would also lose the same pitiful way..

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