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it would be a great battle
My favorite Marvel Superhero vs my little brothers.
needs an Update. Stuff this profile needs.
. A profile Picture
. Cross-demensional awerness ( Yes this Duck CAN break the fourth wall. No he is not Deadpool even though there has been a Deadpool the Duck.)
. Iron Duck armor
. The Powers that go Along with it
. Quak- FU
. Magic Items
. The amulet of Pazuzu
. His BFG
Okay well his powers are from equipment, Heck he has even had the magic power of doctor strange. He has been crossover to many superhero and franchises, even STAR WARS. though the first movie was A fail, ( that the base has to add in the movies column.) But he is my favorite Marvel Character as of right now. I am not Yelling at the site, I just am suggesting an update. After all the new Guardians of the galaxy movie is coming out, and Howard is suppose to be in it. Plus there has been so many versions of this character, Lobo the Duck, Deadpool the Duck, and so many more.

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