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BatmanBruce Wayne10
Booster GoldMichael Jon Carter11
Captain Universe-
Fallen One II18
Ferb FletcherFerb Fletcher-
IcemanBobby Drake10
Iron ManTony Stark14
John CarterJohn Carter-
Kim PossibleKim Possible-
LegolasLegolas of Mirkwood-
Living Tribunal106
Lord VoldemortTom Riddle17
Perry The PlatypusPerry-
Phineas FlynnPhineas Flynn-
PhoenixJean Grey47
Rune King ThorThor Odinson-
Superman Prime One-MillionClark Kent-
ThorThor Odinson30
VenompoolWade Wilson20
White Phoenix of The CrownJean Grey-
WildfireDrake Burroughs6

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Agreed though the movie was a bit slow for my taste.
I'm going to be honest the DCEU has failed to live up to hopes on every new movie they make. The ads always look good but the movies, well they just suck. I have high hopes but that feeling that knows the new WW movie will fail me simply because they have failed so many times now and don't seem to want to learn. I mean no offense because I loved the old Batman movies but these new movies are soo bad.
I agree team Thanos wins Anti-Monitor will beat Galactus and Thanos beats Darkseid.
Yeah DC's legendary heroine is my favorite heroine from dc, from marvel I love Jean Grey she is my favorite.
@SirSpidey ben has to activate the Omnitrix to do anything, he is never just in Alien form. If he uses the Omnitrix and selects Alien X then yes he will win easily but even fast it take a few seconds to do and he would need to know how powerful the Superman is to know to select Alien X. So if Supes has no morals on then he wins because of pure speed. If supes doesn't want to hurt the kid and Ben uses Omnitrix then he will win. That is what this comes down to.
Oh and if you could tell me what you had them build or why you think your team wins pls let me know. Just trying to add a fun new aspect to standard battles.

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