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"You're right. I never felt right doing the things we did. But I loved you. And for that, I did it. Then you left and I was alone. And someone offered me a chance to be something different then what I had been. And you know what? I liked it. It felt right. But I still love you" -Harley Quinn

Favourite characters

Amanda Waller-
BatgirlBarbara Gordon8
BatmanBruce Wayne10
Batwoman VKatherine Rebecca Kane7
Black CanaryDinah Drake Lance5
Black WidowNatasha Romanoff6
BuffyBuffy Anne Summers6
CatwomanSelina Kyle6
Darth VaderAnakin Skywalker11
DeadpoolWade Wilson16
DeadshotFloyd Lawton5
Doctor StrangeStephen Strange21
ElektraElektra Natchios6
Flash IIBarry Allen14
GamoraGamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan9
Green ArrowOliver Queen7
Harley QuinnHarley Quinn8
HawkfireMary Elizabeth Kane-
Iron ManTony Stark14
James Gordon-
Jessica CruzJessica Cruz9
JokerJack Napier10
LokiLoki Laufeyson12
Luke CageLuke Cage6
Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker12
NightwingDick Grayson8
Princess Leia-
Red HoodJason Todd6
RiddlerEdward Nigma9
Robin VDamian Wayne6
Rocket RaccoonRocket Raccoon4
ScarecrowJonathan Crane7
SongbirdMelissa Joan Gold7
Spider-WomanJessica Drew6
Star-LordPeter Jason Quill6
SuperboyJonathan Kent-
Wonder WomanDiana Prince17

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No Batman wins first meeting in this fight because he has beaten people who are harder to beat then Captain America and his intelligence is higher then Captain America's
I ment no prep not prep
Batman's costume is bullet proof so he doesn't need to. I really don't think Captain America would be able to predict everything that Batman does since Batman has a unique fighting style especially with the gadgets he has with him without prep. Agian, have you ever read a Batman comic? If you ever have, it is REALLY obvious that Batman has an amazing reaction time that is just as good as Captain America (or better). Also Deaths Deathstroke is a harder person to beat then Captain America so, just the fact he was able to beat him with prep at all means he has enough experience, intelligence, and skill to beat Captain America
Batman doesn't need prep to do that. He always has that on him
First of all, have you ever read a Batman comic? His quickness is definitely equal to Captain America. Also Batman doesn't need prep time to win this fight. The prep time would definitely give him a boost but, he doesn't need it for this fight to win. I'm not saying that it would be easy for Batman to win but, Batman would end up winning because of his higher intelligence
No it's not end of argument. Batman is vary quick and tactical in fights and I would say he is just as good at doing that (or better) then Captain America. Also Batman doesn't always beat people with prep and what's so wrong with beating people with prep anyways? He's just useing his resources. Also I highly doubt Captain America would be able to build a portal while fighting Batman so that doesn't help him during this fight

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