Professor X

Charles Francis Xavier



dragonmaster 1 year ago.
power level=256
2+ years member.
marzano17 3 years ago.
an unstoppable power she has is what i meant
3+ years member.
marzano17 3 years ago.
his level is one above rogue's if she just learns to keep the powers after touching someone and she can learn it with practice. she should for sure be higher then a lot of these people. she could have every person on earth or whatever other worlds there are by a touch. now tell me that is unstoppable
3+ years member.
jbranam3 3 years ago.
His Intelligence should be at 100 and his power should be higher as well
3+ years member.
legoman2 4 years ago.
shouldnt his intell be 100
4+ years member.

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