What is Shapeshifting?

Shapeshifting is the ability for the user to change his or her appearance. This power is a highly varied power, where the user can sometimes change shape into other humans, like Mystique, or where the user can change into animals, such as Beast Boy, or even the ability to turn into inanimate objects, somewhat like the powers of Zan. Characters like Metamorpho take this power to the next level, changing the entire structure of his body and what it is made of. Others can change into gaseous, energy, or other forms, with the second Captain Marvel being an example.

Characters with Shapeshifting

AmazoAnti-VenomApocalypseAzazelBeast BoyBen 10BeyonderBloodhawkCaptain PlanetCarnageChameleonChangelingDoppelgangerDormammuElongated ManFin Fang FoomGokuHuskHydro-ManJack-jackKevin 11LokiLyjaMagusMan-BatMartian ManhunterMephistoMetalloMetamorphoMiss MartianMister FantasticMystiqueNaruto UzumakiOffspringPlastic ManSandmanSilverclawSnowbirdSpawnToxinVenomVenom IIViolatorWolfsbane
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