Animal Oriented Powers


What is Animal Oriented Powers?

Some powers are oriented around one animal or a specific animal appendage. The main animal appendages are the wings of a bird (but super sized to fit a human), the claws of a cat or other clawed animal, the skin of an armadillo, or the fins and gills of a fish. Hawkman is hawk-oriented, Spider-Man is spider-oriented, and (surprise, surprise) Cheetah is cheetah-oriented.

Characters with Animal Oriented Powers

Angel SalvadoreAnimal ManBeast BoyBird-ManCheetah ICheetah IICheetah IIIFalconFeralHawkmanKraven IIKryptoLizardMan-BatMan-WolfRocket RaccoonSabretoothScarlet SpiderScarlet Spider IISilverclawSnowbirdSpider-ManToadVenom IIVenom IIIWaspWolverineWonder WomanYellowjacket
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