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StarLord Black Canary I 14 hours ago
Please update this character I really want to face her off against others like the green arrow
sportsguy42 Buffy 1 days ago
Buffy's stats are extremely low. Compared to Angel on this site she should be higher than him in all categories because she was created to be stronger and more durable than any vampire (slayers in general)
Add Spiderman 2099(MARVEL) & karate kid (DC)
dragonmaster Callisto 2 days ago
how is it posible for storm to defeat her in there duels? shouldn't a punch from her kill or seriusly injury some like storm who's normal beisdes being able to contral weather like if she used her powers maybe but seems like callisto would do way better in hand to hand combat
6 is too low his over 90000
Skyanimewatcher Spawn 2 days ago
This character sucks a lot not to hate though
dragonmaster Buffy 3 days ago
her combat should be higher and maybe her strength 28 sounds low seen she can lift a 2,200 lb
best SuperHero ever!!
Deadpool. And that's because of his healing factor. Sure, deathstroke has one too, but it's no where near as good as deadpools. Deadpool can regenerate from a skeleton. I've never even seen deathstroke regrow a limb, but correct me if i'm wrong. Even if deathstroke is faster and stronger and smarter than deadpool, eventually(even if the fight literally lasts days or even weeks) deathstroke will succumb to exhaustion. It's very hard to wear him out, but it is possible. Plus, deathsroke will have a very hard time dealing with deadpools teleportation. Deathstroke can run out of ammo and weapons, but deadpool has a magic satchel full of unlimited weapons and ammunition. And deadpool isn't as dumb as people think. He may not be as smart as deathstroke, but he's a briliant tactician and strategists. He once took out the entire marvel universe. That includes Ironman and Mister Fantastic. So even with prep, it doesn't change much.
Star-Bird Superhero 3 days ago
Either Doctor Fate Or Doctor Strange. I just love the idea of sorcery and there's so many cool things you can do with it. Like astral travel, teleportation, illusions, time travel, dimensional manipulation, hypnosis, invisibility and the list drags on. It's better than the boring overused super strength.


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