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thor is weak to telepathy. Prof is all telepathic.
Lobo, even if you chop off his head, he'll regenrate, Wolverine would die when beheaded....
People who pick Quicksilver are lying to themselves lol
Well someone elsewhere was mentioning Weaver/Skitter from Worms - badass, smart, great characterization
Also great (and not that well known):
Jenny Sparks from the Authority
Flint (Stormwatch Team Achilles)
Toybox (Top Ten)
Promethea (own series)
eath (from the Sandman series and his sister)
and wellknown,but deserves honorably mention
aunt may ;P
Okay, I don't know how to edit, so a doublepost, sry
flamingtayo got this right in my opinion
Thor would beat Superman purely because of his MAGIC hammer
This has at least partly be done in the Marvel vs. DC series.
Let's see if I remember....
Superman vs. Hulk - Supes
Batman vs. Cap - Batman
Wonder Woman vs. Storm (not Avengers I know) - Storm (wth?)
Superboy (the clone, JLA?) vs. Spidey - Spidey
Aquaman s. Namor - Aquaman (WHY?)
Flash vs. Quicksilver - Flash
Green Lantern vs. Silver Surfer (again, I know!) - Surfer
Cap Marvel (JLA?) vs. Thor - Thor
There were more (eg Lobo vs Wolvi - Wolvi ^^) but no members of the JLA vs Avengers
Overall DC-heroes (and especially the JLA) are on a higher Level of power than Marvel-heroes
Clearly with exceptions, but basically this holds true.
I don't like the term Anti-Hero very much though. But I think those are the more interesting characters And Weaver/Skitter is actually a pretty great example. For everybody who doesn't shy away from non-comicbook superbeings: READ WORM! (it's just that good)
Other "Anti"-Heroes I like:
The whole Authority-Team (you can just look into the Wildstorm-Universe, the most Superbeings there are greyscale instead of black/white)
Sandman (as in Dream/Morpheus/... not the old JSA guy, not the Spideyfoe)
Spider Jerusalem from Transetropolitan (although he isn't really "super")
No Hero is a Comic book, that takes the anti-hero theme quite seriously
I could probably go on, but it is late here
SmokinRED Say hello 1 days ago
Hi there,
I really like this database, it's a great ressource, thanks for setting this up.
Some of my favourite characters are missing though (e.g. the members of the diverse Stormwatch Teams, The Monarchy, ...)
I will be busy adding stuff I think.
I really hope there will be some active people on the forum.
Geee @ dis rate Aunty May will defeat superman in seconds
Ok here it goes. Superman is overpowered but Goku is superoverpowered. And Goku can always teleport superman to a planet with the red sun. Nuff said
What a minute here. How can one score a 110 on Durability? I thought 100 was the limit?
3+ years member.
What have we here..... nothing less than an upset for the ages!
3+ years member.
I got news of a hawkgirl target link ... A friend named arian at westlake village walmart was SWORN to secrecy as are the actors involved ... Havnt got much but a black woman will be in the roll much like the heros of tomorrow show ... I will get more soon
Power Cosmic.. Nuff said.
Supes barbacks Goku.
Supes all the way, Speed kills


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