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Smallville11 Team Battle 1 minutes ago
JLA all the way
arrow is just better
Dog Welder op
If only admin bans user from same IP
Dogwelder did once appear to die in his original appearance but later reappeared unharmed in the Prime Earth universe, here is his wiki: he is clearly stated to have the ability of Stellar Manipulation in his reincarnation. This would put him as a hefty threat indeed.
Hahahaha my friend told me the comment section for this was lighting up, so had to come and have a look. It seems pretty obvious that someone is playing a wind up here haha Thor would have Dog Welder, but only just based off of how crazy powerful DC have made this character. Yes he does die, gets melted by acid I believe off the top of my head, but comes straight back as Dog Welder 2. As far as I know if Thor gets Dog Welded that's the end of him haha no Thor 2 I'm aware of.
@RedlewGod: Let me explain why you severely messed up your retardation. When you made your grusomeSumo account, you said that Charles Xavier said that Dog Welder is an omniversal threat, but how can a Marvel character from a whole different universe know if a DC character is a threat or not? When you made your BestHeroQuote_Dogwelder account, never has a writer for DC or Marvel explained there opinion on a character in a forums page, ever. That makes me wonder if you are lying (jk, I KNOW you are). You also urge us to, "go with it", which a writer for DC would never do. Pleeeese explain to us what stellar manipulation is and an instance where Dog Welder gas used it. So, if your going to cheat, lie, and be flat out annoying, do it discreetly and not as obvious. Unless this is just a joke, which would be very funny
1+ years member.
I have to admit as a huge fan of Thor I'm struggling to see how the God of Thunder can pull this one off. Dogwelder has shown incredible feats such as manipulating matter on a molecular level to be able to weld raw flesh in a metal fusion. Thor does not have any substantial defense available to him to defend against this kind of matter manipulation, it would be like pitching Thor vs Molecule Man or Dr. Manhattan.
Dellmamy45 Team Battle 6 hours ago
In a mall
Why you Embarrassed yourself this much?
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