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Premonition19 forum 5 hours ago
Guys come on, all those in one and more.......power absorption
Premonition19 forum 5 hours ago
Deadpool for definite, he's by far the funniest comic book character there is to offer and you'd have to be crazy not to love him
xobhcnul forum 8 hours ago
Hulk wins this one. The fight starts out pretty even, but the longer the fight lasts, the angrier Hulk gets. When Hulk gets mad he gets stronger. Eventually he gets so angry that WW is no longer his equal in strength.
xobhcnul forum 8 hours ago
NickTendo, that's true, but its not purely intelligence that saves him there. I see it as a mix of intelligence and combat skills. Maybe intelligence should be worth more when coupled with high combat level?
bobd84 forum 1 days ago
Aside from Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo and Trunks should all have ratings on here already.
NickTendo69 forum 1 days ago
Actually it's not that unfair because Nightwing would most likely have more energy because he's younger and Batman is a lot older so he would already use up all of his energy!
NickTendo69 forum 1 days ago
I would say Wonder Woman but Hulk has more energy so he could win while Wonder Woman starts to get tired...
NickTendo69 forum 1 days ago
I think Intelligence should be worth higher because for example: When Batman is losing a battle, he always uses his mind before he starts to lose and places bombs so he gets the upper hand!
xobhcnul forum 1 days ago
But he would be using his intelligence to decide when and how to use his powers. That's a hard one to properly assign a value to. As for the speed, I would go 4 points for 100 speed. Also, your suggestion from before that super speed should add to power levels is good, but how would you quantify that? How many power points is FTL travel worth?
legoman2 Absorbing Man 1 days ago
he was in agents of shield

New superhero class system!

The site has been collecting user generated stats for a while now. Over 13000 stat-bars have been created by you. I've renamed them to uSTATS. I also want to introduce the all new 'uCLASS', a class system based on the uSTATS. To get the uCLASS I need a perfect formula. The perfect balance between the six different stats. What do you think the perfect formula would be to create the uCLASS? What is the most important part of the stats, intelligence, power or....?

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