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As i explained i think he is an incredibly powerful Metahuman one of the most powerful there is.
I think characters powerful but only a step behind a God as Mighty Thor will not have any means to deal with his insanely speed that is of the charts.
I dont think he is capable of defeating Mighty Thor.
After the battle i think the God is having serious thoughts how come a mortal may that fast even faster then him.
He wii approach his father Odin with this who will use his vast wisdom and explain about the speedforce.
1+ years member.
Thor is the god of thunder and the most mighty marvel superhero, Flash is next to unstoppable against those outside the speed force and I could see him winning in some cases. But Thor is the victorious for me.
remy94 Who wins 2 hours ago
I finally agree with you @God_of_Thunder, but tell me do you think The flash is incapable of defeating the son of Odin?
Panther is not only better in combat than slade but can take a larger hit (thanks to vibranium) can easily cut through Slades armour thanks to his claws and had a better tactical mind (he is said to be one of the greatest tactical minds in marvel)
Team page: I've added a button to change a teammembers' status. So you won't have to remove and add a character for that anymore. Still need to do that to set a character as teamleader, though. I'll add a button for this as well soon. To remove teamleader status you can set the status to 'former' and back to 'active' again.
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I think he will instead just absorb, negate or maniputate the energy and force called speed force with Mjolnir. One of the most powerful abilitys in the magical warhammer is energy absorbation/manipulation and the level is seriously of the charts. Mjolnir may absorb 20 percent of the universe. I think as the God and noble warrior Mighty Thor is he will just manipulate the speedforce to a level making Flash harmles for him. If the young mortal do not understand what this means he will knock him out with a fist and the battle will be over.
1+ years member.
I have learned a bit more about the Flash and his Powers. His power and other speedsters in the Dc universe is using a force called the speed force. This is a kind of energy allowing speeds far above lightspeed.
This you guys also have explained its nothing new but my knowledge have been improved.
Now what happen when the Metahuman Flash battle realy powerful opponents ?
Well of course it depends who it is but to try hit a character that fast is pointle if you are not close of being the equal.
In a battle versus Mighty Thor i have explained an outcome were the Flash will be destroyed by Asgardian maic. How ever i think the God would avoid this, destroying a mortal human a lesser being. I
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@tamyo2016: I completely forgot about that! :| I've added the delete button to the cards. Thanks!
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@galactus I can't put active members in former members list (when they left team) some characters in jla who are in active members should be in former members but because of card format I can't remove them from active members and put them in former members