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kryptonkid Marvel Girl 1 days ago
Update please
Thor would win because mjolnir is not metal plus thor is almost the most powerful hero
Grundy would flog bane
GreenSeboss Sylar 1 days ago
Durability should be over 90 and Intelligence over 80.
I think every Stat which is over 90 should give a bonus in the rating.
Power is the most important stat in my opinion but it depends because some Power are against some Villains or Heroes without any effect.
But Supervillains or Heroes also don't need to be great in Combat for example Galactus, Thanos...
Combat is important for normal Heroes but not for Superheroes.
3.Intelligence to outsmart his opponent, Speed
4. Combat, Durability
It's difficult to make a system because The Flash is very fast and can defeat strong Villains.
Maybe it should give another stat.
The rating makes Batman and Joker stronger than The Flash, Carnage, Venom and Bane.
1. SSJ Gogeta
2. Superman
3. Superman
4. Hyperion maybe
7.DC Captain Marvel
8.Wonder Woman
9.Piccolo if Piccolo from DB not DBZ then Martian Manhunter
11.Green Lantern
13.The Flash
19.Iron Man
21.Captain America
22.Lobo but Wolverine defeats Lobo in a Crossover
His intelligence should be over 83-90.
His Power maybe around 40.
I think Deathstroke should have 95-100 in Combat.
@NickTendo69 Yeah adding agility to the powerstats would be good but then we would have to vote on that too.
GreenSeboss Sabretooth 2 days ago
Sabretooth lifts max 5 tons but in the Marvel Wikia stands 2 to 10 tons.
I think 5 tons is realistic.

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