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Dellmamy45 Team Battle 4 hours ago
We all been waiting for men versus women who wins and why
LordTracer Doomslayer 6 hours ago
Can we get powerstats on Doomslayer/Doomguy? And a picture. Putting him in battles loses the impact if he doesn't have stats or a picture. And he's so powerful, you could give him 100 in every stat and it would make sense.
There should also be a way to access a list of all characters missing Ustats.
Once Superman burns down everything Martian Manhunter is around, Superman wins
1+ years member.
If Captain America is as smart as a human can be then he is as smart as Reed Richards, Iron Man, Hank Pym, and Batman. End of argument. There is no logical argument opposong it
1+ years member.
This battle could easily go ether way, about equal I think, but I give Superman the win.
People who say that Superman would win because of heat vision are wrong the main reason behind this statement is because Martian Manhunter himself has heat vision. I think Martian Manhunter would win because 1. he has the ability of phasing 2. he is also able to shapeshift/Regenerate and 3. he is basically able to match Superman maybe even surpass him in all categories. Although that's only my thought on the matter if you think of a way that Superman could beat Martian Manhunter I would be happy to hear it unless you say Superman Prime 1 Million because if you didn't know already he's classified as a different character on this site.
2+ years member.
I agree that it is nice to keep adding new characters. However, before adding anymore, could you please add default images to every character that is already available. It kind of wrecks voting on a battle, if one or more of the characters do not have a default image.
4+ years member.
Spectre94 Team Battle 10 hours ago
All the biggest names from marvel and Dc comics, what team wins?
I think intelligence stats are just right, although speed stats are very off, Star-Lord's armored suit allows flight much faster then Captain America can run.

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