Goliath IV

William Barrett Foster



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Full name William Barrett Foster
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Giant-Man, Black Goliath
Place of birth Watts, Los Angeles, California
First appearance (As Foster) Avengers #32 (1966); (as Black Goliath) Luke Cage, Power Man #24 (1975); (as Giant-Man) Marvel Two-in-One #55 (1979); (as Goliath) Thing #1 (2006)
Publisher Marvel Comics
Alignment good


Gender Male
Race -
Height 6' // 183 cm
Weight 200 lb // 90 kg
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black


Occupation Biochemist, inventor, research scientist, adventurer; (formerly) circus performer, soldier
Base -


Group Affiliation Formerly Secret Avengers, former Avengers associate, formerly Stark West, Project: PEGASUS, "Defenders for a Day," Champions (of Los Angeles) (unofficial), Circus of Crime, U.S. military
Relatives Claire Temple (ex-wife)

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