Top strongest characters

Starter: remy94

I will be stating the strongest superheroes in comics, if you have any ideas about how should be on this list let me know.


esotericjustus33 106 days ago
No remy 94, I strongly disagree with your Spectre assessment... In my opinion, why make a list of of 5 strongs when you can get this set right now with 1 name; 1 being???
remy94 113 days ago
For this list I will be avoiding omnipotent superheroes as the Spectre, since he would obviously be the strongest superhero.
Epicversus123 113 days ago
the one above all, beyonder, molecule man, dr. manhatten, (none of this is in order btw)
dark pheonix, captain atom (new 52). Galactus(starving), quasar, and ik i'm leaving a ton of people out.

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