Top 12 most powerful beings in the universe

Starter: remy94

For this list, I will be listing the most powerful beings in the malti-verse, if you think a character should be on this list please comment.


remy94 59 days ago
Dose anyone think my list is accurate?
remy94 73 days ago
Let me now what you think of my list.
remy94 73 days ago
12: Monitor Dax Novu
11: Superman Prime one million
10: Nemesis
9: Molecule Man
8: Spectre
7: Lucifer
6: Living Tribural
5: Protage
4: The Beyonder
3: Elaine Belloc
2: The Great Evil Beast
1: The Presence
remy94 74 days ago
I will be stating my list for the most powerful beings soon.
remy94 87 days ago
Thanks again Galactus
Galactus 87 days ago
This will give you the top 12 in the SHDB.
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