top 10 most powerful superheroes of all time

Starter: remy94

Help me find the top 10 most powerful superheroes, For this list I'm going by a heroes feats, and I'm not limiting it to just the most powerful characters as Superman or Thor, for example if Batman has a amazing feat he can be on this list, I'm also using all time lines of the character, from the date that they where created tell now. Please comment on your favorite heroes, stating there greatest feats. and we will see who wins.


Animuislifu 158 days ago
This is why we need lists. Comment on most popular.
remy94 217 days ago
The top 10 most powerful superheroes by feats:
10. Aquaman
9. Daredevil
8. the Flash
7. Iron man
6. Thor
5. Captain America
4. Spider-man
3. Superman
2. Batman
1. Stan Lee
remy94 219 days ago
Number 9. Daredevil
How would have thought that a blind man would make such a great superhero.
God_of_Thunder 219 days ago
Three very good characters its a hard one :-)
1+ years member.
remy94 220 days ago
I'm have trouble choosing the number 9 spot, between one of these three characters, Hulk, Doctor Strange, and Daredevil?
remy94 220 days ago
Number 10. Aquaman
Over the years the king of the sea has been vary underrated, and picked on because of his power set, to counter this writers gave Arthur some crazy feats of strength and power, which made him a very badass character. For his greatest feat I think was saving civilians from a falling building, which Aquaman held up while many tons of water came crashing down from above.
remy94 221 days ago
Thanks for all your lists, I will soon be stating my list. : )
God_of_Thunder 221 days ago
Intresting list youre making based upon feats. My ten favorit characters that you may inclued in no speciell order is
Shazam, Batman, Doctor Strange,
Silver Surfer, Black Panther, Daredevil,
Prince Namor, Captain America,
Wolverine och Mighty Thor !
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remy94 222 days ago
Thanks for your list @clamulct21.
clamulct21 222 days ago
My list is just off the top of my head without any real research. Just what I remember as a kid being into. Here it is:
1. Superman, 2. Batman, 3. Wonder Woman, 4. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), 5. Flash, 6. Shazam, 7. Martian Manhunter, 8. Hulk, 9. Supergirl, 10. Wolverine. Just missing out is Spider-Man.
remy94 226 days ago
Thanks for your list MakeMineMarvel, I'm exploring Batman's greatest feats and I think he's going to be vary high on my list. If you now any great feats by these characters I would love to hear them.
MakeMineMarvel 226 days ago
Batman, Doctor Strange, Flash, Hulk, Jean Grey, Professor Xavier, Superman, Thor, Watcher, Wonder Woman.
I might adjust this list after more contemplation, but this will get the ball rolling anyway.....
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remy94 226 days ago
please comment about your favorite hero, or the hero you think should be on this list.
remy94 226 days ago
Some of the heroes I think will be on the top 10 will Batman, Superman, Thor, and maybe Goku.

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