Thor VS Flash(wally west)

Starter: Epicversus123

who wins? both are bloodlusted, and morals are off..... bu there still character based if that makes sense....... location: Gotham, and no BFR


God_of_Thunder 2 hours ago
Roligt träffa på en landsman med bra inställning ☺
Keep it up 👍
mekkaxko 3 hours ago
God_of_Thunder 1 days ago
mekkaxko you are from Sweden were do you live i live in Gothenburg ? :-)
mekkaxko 1 days ago
well debated my friends, you win
God_of_Thunder 5 days ago
The Flash may not if his speed is negated/manipulated or he do not even got a soul anymore.
To manipulate the powers or soul of a human born Metahuman for a God wielding Mjolnir is like a walk in the park.
The life force of a God like Mighty Thor called The God Force is far beyond everything a human born Metahuman may come up with.
He must hit to many times before he is defeated.
mekkaxko 5 days ago
he is so fast that he could deliver an imp every second on thor
God_of_Thunder 6 days ago
Its only a debate because of preference fanboyism. The subject is explained in this forum under "The most powerful superheroes in comics".
The Flash is a very powerful Metahuman and superhero but to seriously suggest a human born be the superior to the God of Thunder.
This character is a warrior born god several thousend years of age and armed with Mjolnir. The Flash is an adult human who got powers iys redicules
SirSpidey 7 days ago
Ya except he doesnt hit that hard. Only his IMP can do something like that
mekkaxko 7 days ago
i dont think thor could survive getting hit by a white dwarf star every second
SirSpidey 14 days ago
Thor is a god. Probably one of the most durable superhero in Marvel. For crying out loud, he is the one who is sent to stop the Hulk from rampaging. Im sure he could take a million punches to the face. Thor has also never gotten beaten by speed.
mekkaxko 14 days ago
wally west wins, he beat an instant teleporter, thor is just a statue to him, he could deliver one infinite mass punch every second with his speed, or he could travel trough time to kill thor

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