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Some versus debates is more talked about than others. Because Superman is the first and probably most recogniced superhero often it regardes that character and an opponent. Versus Goku or Mighty Thor perhaps beeing the most Common. Versus Mighty Thor perhaps beeing the most stupid because of Supermans zero protection versus magical attacks. The very nature of Lees Mighty Thor and Asgard is magical. Better debates should be versus Martian Manhunter, Incredible Hulk, the Sentry or Silver surfer. But this topic is Silver Surfer vs SentrySilver Surfer vs Superman Silver surfer vs Mighty Thor Silver surfer vs Martian Manhunter Silver surfer vs Darkseid Silver Surfer vs ThanosGive me youre thoughts ?


God_of_Thunder 123 days ago
Yes the Silver Surfer Versus
Doctor Manhattan is a very good battle.
I think the Surfer will be victorious.
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Animuislifu 123 days ago
Though Darkseid Has a littl.e bit more of an advantage
Animuislifu 123 days ago
Dr. Manhattan v.s Silver Surfer.
God_of_Thunder 147 days ago
Bouth the Silver Surfer and Darkseid is incredibly powerful characters.
It would be a devastating battle, the power output is redicules and may blow up planets.
Lets assume they are equelly powerful or at least very close to, then Darkseid because of beeing a warrior will be the victorious.
The nature of a character is indeed very important Silver surfer is passiv Darkseid is a warrior and do not mind killing.
You may be right Remy, what ever the outcome its a battle i want to see.
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remy94 147 days ago
Truthfully I cannot see any good equation that The Silver Surfer is victorious against Darkseid.
God_of_Thunder 148 days ago
The reason for this subject is because of a good debate between Silver Surfer and Darkseid in the battle section. There is also a lot of inconsistent voting because of preference instead of knowledge of characters involved. In running a Metahuman world you got to have the statistics set unlike the comics were the writer may change a bit to fit a specific story.
I like when there is some order and things work out the way it is supposed.
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