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Explain your favorite powers and how they work, or explain a specific characters special ability.


remy94 170 days ago
Flash's speed: the infinite mass punch, with this powerful ability, Flash is capable of destroying planets, the speed force also provides protection against powerful attacks, this would explain why he was not noticeably harmed from Darkseids blows, if harmed Flash has accelerated healing. If moving at fast speeds this speedsters can travel through time, and phase through to other dimensions. He may also grant the ability of speed to others, or steal speed from others. His speed of thought his increase also he may do multiple things at once, read every book in a library in in seconds. Perhaps his greatest capability is that he can enter the Speed Force dimension it self, here his speed is near infinite, he may at will pull characters in to the Speed Force. I'm sure I'm forgetting some abilities, Flash's speed is incalculable, a human that is capable of many of the same feats as gods, is very underrated.
remy94 170 days ago
Flash's speed: capable of incalculable speeds, many times faster than the speed of light. Flash's speed is directly connected to the Speed Force, Having speed at such a great level, Flash is capable of any number of feats. He may run through objects, people, and god's, he may also phase objects through other objects, such as planes through bridges for example.
Just by running he can run on water, and some how even walk on clouds, just by any movement he can create winds, and tornadoes, and is capable of flying. He is so fast that time stands still, he may be having a conversation with someone, leave rebuild a entire building, and return, without the person even realize he left, he dose this with ease.
Animuislifu 186 days ago
ONE OF MY favorite powers is the ability to control time which gives you the ability to........ Control time. Cronus had it... I think..... Maybe...... I don't know people who had that ability.

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