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Could someone help me out with getting familiar with the site? I don't know what ustats are or the big number beside a character. Please help! thanks


REX 117 days ago
hi everyone
God_of_Thunder 264 days ago
Trivia but because we are all fans of comic book characters and sci-fi in general.
In the world of Metahumans im running the overall Power Level of characters is not set by a number but perhaps i will inclued something close to that in the future an Overall power Rank.
In this Metahuman world there are about
30 000 individuals considered above normal human potential and are Super Normals or Metahumans.
Very low power level
Low Power level
Midd power level
High power level
Very high power level
Extremely high power level
Of course the world got more of Lpl and Mpl characters then Vhpl and Ehpl.
This is more of a help for me to get a good look of how the world look like and functions.
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God_of_Thunder 265 days ago
Here is some things i find very strange ?
Mighty Thor 22, Dr Strange 21 Hulk 14 only
Dr Fate 23 Phoenix 24 Martian Manhunter 25 Thanos 32 Silver surfer 36
If Intelligence Power and what kind of powers characters have followed by other statistics is counted i find this very confusing.
Anyway keep up the good work mighty Galactus and thanks for a great fan sight :-)
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Galactus 265 days ago
I've put a little explanation about the SHDB Class on this page:
The uStats are stats by users and from that a uClass is calculated. Visible in that same 'window'. The user Class and SHDB Class are not comparable. They are calculated differently.
Thor and Superman only have about 15 other characters higher ranked, so I think their class is about right. I agree that Hulk should be a bit higher ranked. I'll look into this.
Hope that clears things up a bit.
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God_of_Thunder 265 days ago
There are a lot of characters with the correct Overall Power statistic no doubt about it.
How ever there are characters that is overrated as well as underrated a lot.
Remy named a few but there are more.
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remy94 266 days ago
Although with some characters I do not agree with there power level, for example The Mighty Thor, Superman, and The Hulk, should have higher stats.
remy94 266 days ago
Yes the higher the better.
gabrielMP 266 days ago
@remy94 so the higher number the better? big number?
remy94 266 days ago
Ustats I think are what fans think the characters power level should be.
remy94 266 days ago
Well the big number beside the character is there power level.

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