Hero for President

Starter: remy94

Election day has come, and I was thinking which superhero would make the perfect president, please state the hero you think should be in the White House.


God_of_Thunder 93 days ago
In the Metahuman game world Primary based upon Marvel universe Superman for obvious reason is the second in command for the mighty Avengers !
When the authorities had to take care of the aftermath of an incident in Archtica the man of steel appeared in the land of snow and ice. Superman got a lot of the same qualities as Captain America have when it comes to morality. They are bouth also heroes and close to flawless as character.
God_of_Thunder 94 days ago
I think this is the very best duo there is at this posts im with you Remy :-)
remy94 94 days ago
Okay how about Captain America for president, Superman for vice president
God_of_Thunder 94 days ago
Second best hero for president after the Star Sprangled Avenger i think is the man of steel Superman !
He grew up on a farm in an all American home. He got realy high morality and is a responsible character.
OliviaJackson 94 days ago
Captain America is one of the best choice for this post.
God_of_Thunder 108 days ago
Captain America for president the obvious number one choice !
remy94 109 days ago
I would give my support to Captain America.

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