Asguardians vs. Amazonians

Starter: SirSpidey

Who would win in an all out battle of, lets say 100,000 Asgaurdian warriors vs. 100,00 Amazonians with Thor commanding the Asguardians and Wonder Woman commanding the Amazonians


rhodizel 5 days ago
Amaz have super powerful weapons and very strong heroes. Azguardians have super powerful on both counts . Azguards have fought and beaten alot stronger foes and that experience alone would award them wins in 99 out of 100 situations.
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TAMYOCOM16 19 days ago
Epicversus123 49 days ago
i would definitely say The asguardians
SirSpidey 52 days ago
I dont know who would win at this point. There both combat driven races who have accomplished many great feats.

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