Age of Metahumans

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How old is the Metahumans in fiction !


Soulcollecter57 90 days ago
My favorite X-Man Cyclops. Mid to late 30s one of the most underrated heroes of perhaps all time. Backstory: Suffered head trama during plane crash leaving him unable to control his mutant ability without his visor. why I say he is underrated is because people either forget or never knew scott summers was a bad ass in the comics. His optic blasts could destroy nearly any thing on earth, he has blown sentinals to scrap with only single eye beams one of the few able to stand toe to toe with wolverine, knows all the x-men strengths and weaknesses, and with the phoenix force took on the entire marvel universe across the world while causing the ground to crumble plus he has a pretty good win/lose ratio.
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God_of_Thunder 90 days ago
All are welcome to write down his or her favorit characters and about their age.
A shorter history or explenation may also be of intrest not at least if the character got an age that is extraordinary.
Im also intrested in youre thoughts about the conection age expirience and power level in comics and fiction.
God_of_Thunder 90 days ago
The most powerful characters in all of
Star Wars universe Yoda and Sidius is several hundred years old. I do not remember exactly but i think Yoda were about six or seven hundred years of age when he passed away.
The thought behind this hierarki system is of course the struggle of becoming divine and immortal. The longer a character have lived the more powerful.
This system is not followed all the way in the comic book worlds. Characters got powers of incredible level by accident or are from diffrent other worlds. When doing like this there may be divine characters who are just 20 or 40 years of age. In my mind the character of incredible age still got a huge advantage over the 40 year old. The expirience in using the powers or in been involved in close to everything.
The advantage of engaged in battle versus everything possible, nothing to suprise !
God_of_Thunder 90 days ago
The Age of characters in comic books and
sci-fi fiction may varie a lot. There are space gods like the devourer of worlds Galactus who is several billion years of age. A very common type of character in the comics is the young crime fighting metahuman under 30 years old and some times even a teenager.
Spiderman is one of the most known superheroes in all of comics and is the first character in mind. The vast majority of characters is at an age of ordinarie humans from teenager to a bit older mature age as Xavier or Magneto.
In the worlds of comic books and sci-fi in general the age have a great impact upon the power Level of the character.
This of course is something conected to mythology and alchemi.

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